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feminist, feminism, internation women day, equality, sexism, positivity, girl power, gal pals,

Happy International Women’s Day! After another far too Trump involved earth rotation, we find ourselves  on the day that employs us to scan our brains, and think about how far we’ve come, how much further there is to go, an to think about the women we love/look up to/lol at, while letting out a dreamy sigh.

I’m sure the web-o-sphere will be awash with posts, lists and tweets about all the brilliant women around, so instead, here’s a (incredibly condensed) rundown of what I love about being a woman.

Buckle up, Piers Morgan.


 We have so much to play with when it comes to expressing ourselves; Makeup! Clothes! Hair products! Accessories! We are creative beings with an outlet that (although admittedly pushed upon us) enables us to have fun with, well, just being us. There’s so much room to re-invent, re-create ourselves, and express whichever side of us we want. We are our own creators when it comes to how we look.

feminism, feminist, equality, sexism, positivity, girl power, women, international women day


Because of the landscape we are living in, where there’s so work needed to prove our worth, I, for one, live my life everyday with this tiny voice in my head telling me to prove people wrong. We have an unparalleled drive to fulfil whatever dream we want because we know women all over the world still don’t have that luxury. Our drive is our duty.


It’s societally accepted for us to show our emotions. We are encouraged to be emotional, soft or maternal and while those pressures can be damaging, being encouraged to be open about our feelings really is the healthiest way you can be. We’re lucky to be able to be open. In contrast, there’s a lot of work to do in adjusting perceptions towards men showing emotion, and that’s next on the list to change.


There’s nothing quite like the bond between close female friends, born from a real need to stick together, there’s an unspoken understanding between really really good gal pals that is just magical. We just get each other.

feminism, feminist, equality, sexism, positivity, girl power, women, international women day


As a teen we learn about your body and what it can do, you grow into a women and start discovering how to protect your body, and react to and demand better from the attitude towards you. Then (if you choose to) you can grow into mother and suddenly your body is a completely different thing. Now it has a totally different job. Being a creature that turns food into a human being is still completely mind-blowing to me. The female body goes through such an incredible evolution that is so life affirming.


 We’re at a point where we can only go forward and make things better for us. Don’t see any female icons in your industry? Work hard towards being the first. A disgusting builder asks you to smile? Reply with “say something funny then“, go forward and be the example. In the word of the ever-great Ghandi “be the change you want to see in the world”. Recently, my sister who is in a comedy sketch group was filming one of their sketches for TV. She tweeted this edit of their clapper.

feminism, feminist, equality, sexism, positivity, girl power, women, international women day

 We are the generation of trailblazers. And that rocks.

If you want a soundtrack for the badass day that is today click here for a great Women’s Day playlist made by my friend.

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