Raising a glass to some of the women who inspire me.


If you’re lucky, there’ll be some kick-ass gals in your life that make you want to do more, be more (and hang out with them more).
I’m hashtag blessed to have a shit ton of the kind of awe inspiring, strong women around me that make me want to be a little more like them.

Amy, the most tolerant and positive person I know. She quit her job and sold her apartment and her car to travel the world, completely throwing herself outside of her comfort zone. When money ran out she worked 20 hours a day to save and busked on the streets of Sydney just her and her guitar. She’s been through some tough times, but has the healthiest outlook on life i’ve ever seen. Coupled with an insatiable appetite to learn from the world, and a serious work ethic she continues to grow every day into an amazing woman.

Stevie freelance journalist, comedy writer and sketch comedian who has an unending pool of original ideas and thoughts. She is part of a sketch group that are changing how women in comedy are viewed. She’s maintains a childish, excitable attitude to life and is strong and loving in equal measure. Best quote: “Dear The Press, unless you use the term ‘all male sketch group’, could we be referred to as a ‘sketch group’ too? Thanks!” Legend.

Hannah is a kick-ass biker chick who set up her own production company straight out of uni. She wants to do so many different things that she can’t help but get restless. This can never be a bad thing. She is an explorer and an incredible photographer. If she’s an influential and globe trotting business woman in 5 years it would come as absolutely no surprise. Plus she’s one of the smiliest gals I know.

Coley is relentlessly driven. Interning at brides, Vogue and GQ while still in her uni years, she was doing everything possible to make her dream a reality. Now working for Stylist magazine in London she’s the kind of person who makes a real effort to help out her girlfriends with anything she can, in work and in life. She’s a woman with a wicked sense of humour and knows exactly what she wants. I wouldn’t be surprised if in years to come she’s a well known inspirational female. Plus, she’ll get to the top while still being the nicest person in history.

Margie is real life wonder woman. She has dealt with more bad luck that anyone I know, and come out the other side a complete warrior. Her attitude to life is laughing and loving. At 40, she enrolled in university had to young kids and her husband was working abroad. She’d take the kids to her lectures, stay up until 4am working most nights, and do all this while dealing with serious health problems. She got the best marks in the year. Now, she’s a freelance Interior Design consultant continually improving herself, who inspires me with her strength and integrity every single day. Thanks, mum.

Jenn has reinvented herself from hairdresser to copywriter to now presenter. She’s the kind of person who lives life to the absolute full. While the rest of us “um” and “ahh” about what path we should take, she’s taken it and already found a shortcut. Anything good that comes to her comes because of her own hard work, shameless tenacity, and ridiculously good sense of humour.

Empowering women is only half the job but a great start is to tell the women in your life how much you appreciate them.

So, what are ya waiting for?



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