from london to anywhere


Have you ever just wanted to fuck it off and go? No more freaking out when you have to pay rent. No more worrying about paying for travel, whether you’re going to leave your job yet in search of more money…
So I thought, hey y’know what? I’m gonna go live on a boat.

I’m going to be sailing through the Ionian islands with my Aussie boyfriend, just me him and Van Morrison on the speakers.
Greece is going through a tough time and I want to really see what life is like there, authentically; the little fishing villages, the communities on the islands…

I have 7 months left to get myself together. To get ready, and log my life in London before I go on my adventure, and it’ll be all nice and neat on this little blog here.

Expect adventures, photography, opinion pieces and word vomit from a 24 year old who wants to everything.

10 thoughts on “from london to anywhere

  1. Sometimes you just jump, no safety net. These are the best of times if you embrace the freedom of it all. We jump all the time, some of our best journeys started like this. A grand blog. Fair winds to you.

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