London: Five things i’ll miss.

I spent a lot of time as a kid in cities… Paris and New York particularly, but as a teen from up north, the thought of moving down south to live in  London just didn’t appeal to me. However, now that i’m going to travel Greece I’m realising now much i’m going to miss the big smoke and all of it’s quirks. To be honest, there’s no city quite like London.


If you’re anything like me, you slide out of bed hungover on a Saturday with such an insatiable craving for a specific kind of breakfast you might as well be a chef in her third trimester.

The London Menu:
Every type of egg possible,
Breakfast burritos,
Maple bacon pancakes a la New York,
A fry up for £4.00,
(Pretty much) every cereal ever made,
Coffee and brunch in the company of cats

…and the list goes on. It doesn’t matter what you fancy, London has every breakfast you could ever imagine, and if there’s one thing i’m gonna miss it’s grabbing my best friend and devouring Eggs Benedict while pissing ourselves over last nights embarrassments.

Last Minute Nights Out

There’s always something going on here. London Cocktail Week is just about over, but we’re gonna have to plaster on our makeup to cover the hangove,r because oh look, FRIEZE Art has just popped up! Oh, there’s an after party you say? I couldn’t possibly, i’ve only  just about moved on from the excitement that was London Fashion week *cut to me dancing to Nicki Minaj at 8pm with a gin*.

Yes, it may not be great for your liver and yes you may not be able to do your best work on Monday, but jesus christ London is a good night out. After 2 years of living here i’m still discovering countless amazing little bars, pubs and underground lairs like i’m Pan from the friggin’ Labyrinth. Plus, if like me you’re looking naaat so good from the night before getting ready is half the fun of going out… and hey, you’re in London! Book a blow dry to come to your work or run to Topshop on Oxford Street, grab a dress, keep the label on and give it back the next day! (I don’t do this) (read: BECAUSE I ALWAYS SPILL WINE ON IT)


(picture taken with the permission of his lovely ma, who was also into shares)

Soho *crying emoji*


I can’t talk up Soho enough. It’s the love of my life. I’ll miss walking to work every morning past record shops that have been there for 50 years, grabbing a coffee from a bike shop full of aussies or pissing myself at the house next to Wardour that has “THIS IS NOT A BROTHEL THERE ARE NO PROSITUTES HERE” engraved on the door.
The road off where I work is the cover of “What’s the story morning glory” by Oasis, Our local Italian lunch spot down the road is Bar Italia, a tiny Trattoria that has been passed on through three generations of the same family. John Hurt and Rupert Everett are just some of the interesting and obscure characters that wobble in for a slice of pizza on a Friday. This place just has so many stories. Queen, Elton John, David Bowie and the Beatles recorded here. And it helps that i’ve spotted Sacha Baron Coen, Eddie Izzard, Graham Norton, Rupert Grint, Meryl Streep, Kit Harrington and DUMBLEDOR on these few streets either having a pint in the sun like I was, or on their way to make TV, Movie or Radio history. There’s just a serious vibe about this place, and it’s what i’ll miss about London the most.

Dogs on the Tube


There’s one thing I won’t miss and that’s the inability to talk to a stranger in London. Averting eye contact on the tube or the hostility people have towards tourists who stand in the way etc etc. It’s just not nice. WHY CAN’T BE ALL BE FRIENDS? Ahem. There’s one thing though, that completely smashes down this barrier and that’s a dog on the tube. We’re a city of dog lovers and there’s million of these cuties around (that you can now BORROW). If TFL put a puppy in each carriage your commute would be 80% better, because it’s impossible not to exchange a smile and a scrunched nose with the stranger opposite you when a snuffly puppy is confused by the moving of the carriage, or licking a sniff necked banker and his loafers.

I love you so much you big beautiful smokey scary city that I call home. I’ll miss you, London. Line up the Gin’s for when I get home.

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