Live your life by cut-to moments.

“Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans” – John Lennon

You know how when you spend so much time with someone you don’t necessarily notice changes in them? When something happens gradually- a rising tide, a year floating on by like a cool breeze or a layer of Fake Tan fading so slowly you almost don’t notice you’re back to being almost translucent- you don’t really notice until months later when suddenly you see it objectively as if someone’s shown you a before and after. It’s weird, because you’d think spending so much time so close to someone would mean you’d really pick up on what’s going on with them and how they’re growing or changing… but nah, the opposite is true, which is why it makes sense that you wouldn’t notice changes in yourself as clearly either. I mean, you spend you’re entire life with yourself (it’s these kind of insightful sentences that I read back and wonder why I’m not already the voice of my generation. Jesus Christ.)
It’s like that time I didn’t notice at any point that i’d put on over a stone in freshers until I noticed my tits happily resting on my stomach while watching Friends, then saw the crumbs of the 3 cheese toasties I’d consumed resting on said tits. Or my youngest cousin enrolling in uni despite the fact I’m seriously 100% sure she’s still 8 years old, lying on my chest and smashing me in the face with toy farm animals.

Where does time go? And how do we sometimes stop noticing what’s right in front of us until, like Rattata, it’s fully evolved and waiting to fight us in digglets cave? AND WHY COULD I NEVER PASS THAT LEVEL.

So sure, it can be benign things like age or weight but it can also be huge changes in your life that you’ve been too busy working towards and have somehow taken for granted and because I am the big fat queen of barf inducing positivity, the thing I’d like to draw attention to is achievements. So much can happen to and you never really take the time to look how far you’ve come… usually because it’s happened. Even things we desperately wished for become normal and acceptable simply because they’re happening to us and when we’re living it, it’s just, well… life.
But HEY, that’s not cool! Enough wanky stuff happens every day- losing stuff, men shouting “SMILE DARLING”, a dog not being entirely up for a cuddle- that when you’ve done something fucking awesome, you should be your own biggest cheerleader. After all no one else will do that job for you and really, your opinion of yourself is the most important one.

I was riffing (not sure if that’s the right context but I’m owning it) with my big sister, The Steve, and she came out with a phrase that i’ve been using in my head for years “cut to…”. Now this may have been followed by “…me 10 jäger bombs down talking to a cat” but, pretend she was talking about how far she’s come in her career… thinking of it like that gives you a real sense of perspective. It’s a mental before and after that does a fucking brilliant job of ensuring you don’t take your life for granted. I like to imagine it as a sort of movie scene selection thing. A Clueless-esque “Josh? I would never go for Josh. He’s so… just… Ew.” Cut to her full-on pashing Josh at the end of the movie. It’s a little similar to Facebook’s “On this day” feature except it doesn’t make you want to kill yourself.

Verb: “Cut to” –
Used to jump directly to another moment in ones life, usually to highlight changes between said points.

“I’m going to eat a plant based diet from now on. Cut to me at 3am eating a bowl of pasta and cheese using bread as a spoon.”

Or, more enjoyably:

“I remember sitting eating breakfast drawing, thinking all I want to do is be an artist. Cut to now, I paint all day and love my job.”

My personal cut-to came this week when I remembered sitting at my desk in London about to tell my bosses I was leaving my job to travel, cut to me walking through the paddy fields in Bali, drinking from a coconut realising I had completely lost concept of what day it was.


I was like, holy shit, I actually went through with what I said I’d do. That’s pretty cool. And more than that I was proud of myself from how much ive changed. From a stressed 5-year-plan type to a live for the day and smile kinda person, I feel like a whole new gal who don’t need no man! (see: “job’).
So, include cut-to’s in your cerebral vocab and start applying it to different areas of your life. Your health, relationships, personal achievements or personal growth and it’ll make you look at your life objectively and realise how awesome you actually are and how far you’ve come (woo!).

Cut to: this picture I accidentally took of a smiling fish the other day.

Because I had to get this in somehow.


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