I officially quit my dream job today to see the world. Here’s why you should never be scared to take the plunge.

Today was the day marked in mine and my creative partner’s calendar as the day we’d quit our jobs as Advertising creatives (see here for the whole shebang).blogjob2

After a thousands worried looks over our coffees and scripts, we marched into the office.

The image you have of a textbook Ad Man is completely wrong when it comes to the founders of our company. Tim and Ed are smiley, creative and support us in everything we do. But hey, business is business and it doesn’t matter how close you are with your bosses. They’re your bosses. Right?


When explaining my plans I was met with the most kindness, understanding and professionalism i’ve ever encountered.

“We’ll be here if you come back”… “You absolutely have to do this, it will be good for you”… “We love you both”.

Leaving your job is always going to be terrifying. You’re going to question if you’re doing the right thing even if you don’t like your job, because ultimately, security make us all feel comfortable, and the road less travelled is less travelled for that exact reason.

I was shocked by how accommodating and wonderful my bosses were, but it might not be like that for everyone… I mean I was convinced that all bosses think about is the career ladder and their jobs, so I was ready to have a million questions thrown at me.

“How will you get back into the industry if you choose to?” “Why are you giving up everything you’ve worked for?”

The thing is, bosses, founders of companies, Managing Directors… they’re all also husbands and wives, mum and dads, sons and daughters, so more often that not (if they’re a good boss) they’ll try and see it from your perspective. In the wacky world of business it is sometimes actually easier for them to digest that you’re going on adventure than if you were leaving them to start a better and higher paid job at a competitor company.

So, if you’re thinking of leaving it all behind, go in there with your shoulders back and big smile on your face, be excited about your future and thank them for everything. It’s easy to think that people are flippant about travelling, but it’s fast becoming a completely understandable and even encouraged experience to put on your CV. Just leave out the bit about downing gin cocktails at 11am while sticking starfish to your boobs.

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