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Self love: Finally, it’s cool again.

It’s been a long time coming. For most of my life, the conversation has revolved around what you look like not what you do to look after yourself. But now, the online world is all about self love.

It’s high time we had a trend that actually benefits us, that could potentially help us to make better and healthier decisions.

A trend for the better…

In the last couple of years, conversations around self improvement have slowly been emerging. Lead by a late 90’s and early 2000’s realisation that the waif isn’t sustainable for everyone (doi!), and the birth of social media giving regular people an outlet in which to say what really matters to them, we’ve started to see a real growth in talking about self care. Whether that’s with what we eat, how active we are, our mental health or our rights. We’re communicating more than ever about self care, healthy choices and opportunity.

self care and self love is cool

In the 90’s, if you’d declared online that you were going to a bikram yoga class and trying to control your anxiety, you’d have found less people openly discussing the same thing. Now, if you’re taking responsibility for your happiness or your body, it’s accepted to celebrate that online.

Like everything in life, it’s all about balance. We’ve seen the arguments that clean eating can promote an unhealthy, highly restricted diet. And it can. Like anything, trends can be taken too far. But how great that when scrolling through your social feeds, there is a real focus on positivity, happiness and growth?

You’re not considered superficial if you admit to spending time on yourself anymore (well, unless you’re talking to an idiot). Although we women may always feel somewhat conscious of how we look and how our bodies look, but the messages offering a solution now lean more towards exercise and healthy eating than they ever have before; It’s no longer “here’s the finished product” but more “here’s my journey”. There’s a message about taking responsibility for your own body that we just haven’t seen in broadcast to us in recent decades.


Our idols are more like us…

I think what it comes down to is that we’re seeing more space for community and motivation than competition and judgement. We‘re having conversations about self love and self care that we weren’t having a decade ago. In my mind it’s got to be because our idols are more commonly, regular people online. The people i’m most interested in aren’t super models or movie stars anymore, they’re the people I follow online that actually inspire me in a real, tangible way. They’re free thinkers travelling, or strong women using their voice to change social attitudes. Our heros are more like us now. It makes us realise that opportunities are all around, if we just push to be a better, happier version of ourselves.

And isn’t that great?


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