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Happy International Women’s Day! After another far too Trump involved earth rotation, we find ourselves  on the day that employs us to scan our brains, and think about how far we’ve come, how much further there is to go, an to think about the women we love/look up to/lol at, while letting out a dreamy sigh. I’m sure the web-o-sphere will […]

Self love: Finally, it’s cool again.

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It’s been a long time coming. For most of my life, the conversation has revolved around what you look like not what you do to look after yourself. But now, the online world is all about self love. It’s high time we had a trend that actually benefits us, that could potentially help us to make […]

online harassment, a letter to my online stalker

Online harassment: An open letter to my online stalker

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I went to a pretty mediocre school. I was a good student. Had been bullied pretty badly as a kid and I grew up being a friend to anyone and everyone. I didn’t have any enemies. We didn’t talk much at all, but you seemed like an alright guy. I left school with good grades, went […]

Equality: Raising boys and girls the same way.

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You can’t scroll on Tumblr for five minutes without seeing the equality tagline 21st century :  “Raise boys and girls the same way.” It’s printed on a short sleeve t-shirt, bags, posters… you name it. It feels empowering- a fist in the air feminist quote demanding gender equality. At 18 scrolling through Tumblr- when I first saw […]