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People who don’t like dogs are weird. I’m sorry, i’m just coming out and saying it. People who don’t feel compassion for stray dogs are even weirder. If you don’t get the appeal of a physical manifestation of love covered in fur you need to revaluate your life. This year I lived in Greece (brand […]


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Some people love flying. Some people hate it. But if you want to live life to the fullest chances are you’ll be doing a fair amount of it in your lifetime. You’d think the more you do it the better you’d be, but in reality some things will always be a struggle- when it comes […]


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Here’s a healthy hearty twist on kebab skewers: Salmon Souvlaki. Souvlaki is the Greeks “fast” food. It’s usually marinated lamb or pork served with heaps of sides likes tzatsziki, rice, garlic bread, fried potatoes or pitta bread- basically anything they can find. It’s definitely a Greek staple and when it comes to island life, it’s […]

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2016: Lessons learned this year

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2016 has been a complete shocker. If it was a school kid it would have dropped it’s lunch tray, shit itself and then knocked itself out on a passing girls boobs. We say it every year, but the collective “we” really have had the worst of all the years in all the land. So, being the irritatingly positive […]

online harassment, a letter to my online stalker

Online harassment: An open letter to my online stalker

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I went to a pretty mediocre school. I was a good student. Had been bullied pretty badly as a kid and I grew up being a friend to anyone and everyone. I didn’t have any enemies. We didn’t talk much at all, but you seemed like an alright guy. I left school with good grades, went […]

The Happiness Planner; A diary with a difference.

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Each day there’s a “what I hope for tomorrow” section. Ooh I just love this. It’s the sort of optimistic daydreaming you did as a kid as you fell asleep all snuggled up in bed, thinking about what tomorrow would bring…

Bali best bits: Eggs, monkeys and waterfalls.

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All I knew about Bali before I went was that my friend Hannah looked great in a bikini there and if you drink the water you’ll lose control of your bodily functions and boff everywhere. The first is true, the second not so much. Here’s my best bits of mental Seminyak and the ever so […]

I want to do everything I want. And that’s okay.

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I absolutely love life. I think the world’s amazing. Like, what the fuck? We’re little bits of meat running around on a big rock floating the sky. Come on! That’s enough for me. That’s magic!

Table for one: Why Masturdating is good for you.

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“Masturdating”: Going out alone. i.e. Seeing a movie by yourself, going to a restaurant alone. “Dude I saw No Country for Old Men twice by myself. I’m addicted to chronic masturdating.” I met up with an ex this time last year. I say ex, he was more someone I fancied when I was 16 and […]

London: Five things i’ll miss.

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I spent a lot of time as a kid in cities… Paris and New York particularly, but as a teen from up north, the thought of moving down south to live in  London just didn’t appeal to me. However, now that i’m going to travel Greece I’m realising now much i’m going to miss the big […]