Budapest: The place that made me want to leave it all behind.


I’m not gonna lie, i’ve always been career driven, but as my 24th birthday loomed closer I started realising that actually, I don’t have to own my own company by 30, and hey I don’t need to have everything figured out immediately (that one, I genuinely didn’t see coming).
After leaving uni with a degree in Advertising in 2013, me and my creative partner immediately packed our bags and moved to the centre of London with nowhere to live and no money… so we slept on friends sofas until we could intern.
Out of the blue we were hired by an Ad Agency in the heart of Soho and by Christmas we had directed our first national TV commercial. Looking back it sounds all good, all bloody-fan-friggin-tastic actually.


But, something was niggling at me, I wanted an adventure before I put my first deposit down on a house… before I bought my dream dog and committed the rest of my evenings to those “IF IT’S NOT DONE BY 9AM WE LOSE THE BUSINESS” pitches that are all too regular in Mad Men and all to real in the Ad world.

So, now i’m going to be packing up and moving from the Big Smoke into a little boat bobbing around local Ionian fishing villages. It’s a dream. But, a dream that if it wasn’t for Budapest I wouldn’t know that I needed to live it.


If you haven’t been to the crumbling, stunning city that is Budapest you’ve missed a trick. I have been running back into my Hungarian cities arms since 2013 when I flew away from a broken heart and stumbled into Budapest party Hostels. These hostels are packed full of lone travellers, each as interesting as their stories and with open hearts and open minds. Why are these people so happy? Because their seeing the world, and meeting some of the best people while they’re at it.

So, hopefully when I leave it all behind i’ll be squint-smiling in sun, laughing with people I have yet to love and losing my shit in the middle of the night singing on the beach.
For a while i’m gonna forget about frowning over a timing plan at work, sighing at the ATM or struggling to hand over a fiver for a beer… instead i’m going to have nothing figured out and it’s going to be just fabulous.

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