Bruges, Brugge…B… Broooooooooje. However you spell it, it’s bloody lovely.

I’m sure I will forever forget to appreciate how lucky we Europeans are to have places to explore, on our doorstep that are dripping with antiquity and steeped in history. Bruges is just that. Tiny, cute, adorable, lovely, charming, endearing, sweet, oooh, cute, awwww, amazing, so nice…. I COULD GO ON.

blogbruges2If you haven’t seen ‘In Bruges’ the film. Do it before you go, because after seeing the film, exploring Bruges is like walking through the set. For me, the only downside to Bruges was the food. In the centre it left a lot to be desired.

If you love mussels, beef stew, waffles and panini you’re in luck because theres about twenty restaurants in the centre of Bruges, and that’s basically all they sell. 

After a few days of mussels and paninis, we dug a lot deeper and found an amazing Thai called NakHon Thai. We then stumbled upon Est Widjnbar, a teeny tiny, magic, crooked brasserie with live music. If wandering along the canal, nibbling on Belgian chocolate and photographing winding medieval streets is what you would call a beautiful weekend then book a trip to Bruges. It’s just charming.

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