80’S DENIM: The rebirth of the Boiler Suit

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80’s denim; it’s been waiting in the wings for about 25 years hoping we’re all gonna rip off our skinnies and give it a chance again. We’ve done the 90s denim with cute as hell dungarees and high waisted shorts, and we’ve gone hell for leather on the 70’s denim flares, but where’s the 80’s at? Where’s the papa of all denim?

Turns out it was calling my name from the shoulder padded jumpsuit rack of a vintage store in Leeds. Ah, acid wash denim. I missed you. More specifically, I missed The Boiler Suit.

denim, double denim, jumpsuit, personal style, style, street style, fashion blogger

Think of it this way, it’s like a jumpsuit except it actually keeps you warm and makes you look like a double denim super hero.

A winter saviour: 80’s denim is hardcore denim. There’s no stretchy shit going on here. Put some thermals underneath and you’re warm enough to brave snow fights with just a scarf flung around your neck. Plus, no-one can throw snowballs down your pants this way. Ahh-haaa. Unagi.

Replaces your bag: Have you seen how many pockets this thing has?! Keys, phone, money, tampons. It’s all in here. You don’t even need a bag with this bad boy.

Ridiculously versatile: Roll up the legs, dress it up with heels, add a belt, mess up your hair and put a just visible bra let under it and you’ve 1000% nailed that Olsen Twins/Erin Wasson vibe that says you’ve gone from day to night effortlessly. Unzip and pop a turtle neck under it, add some boots and you’re good for a day out.
Plus, if you fancy laying some concrete on your commute then you’re fuckin’ sorted.

Cheap Vintage find: For some reason, most of the high street stores haven’t caught onto boiler suits yet so you’re likely to find them in your local Vintage warehouses for a tenner. What better way to save the world that recycle someones old clothes? Plus, no one else will be wearing it. Mine was a denim dream at only £7 from Blue Rinse, Leeds.

80's, 80's denim, vintage denim, denim, double denim, jumpsuit, personal style, style, street style, fashion blogger

I’ve been wearing mine with my vintage levis jacket (I know, triple denim) vintage brown boots, heaps of silver jewellery and bright lips.
Because technically you’ve only thrown on one thing, it looks like such an effortless look if done right.

CAUTION: I once threw this on with boots and ran to the shops in no makeup with greasy hair, I literally looked like a 67 year old male electrician. If you make zero effort you will look like a labourer. Put a bit off effort in and you will look cool as fuck.

So there you have it. The coolest, most versatile denim you’ve never had. Go for a hunt in your nearest vintage store or on Ebay to hunt for the best quality boiler suits.

Otherwise, get the look with a sick Henry Holland acid wash here, or start off with a lightweight navy version from Pretty Little Thing here.

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