Desert Island Discs: The three albums i’ll take with me.

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While preparing to move away i’ve been stressing about what to pack. My mum is going to top herself if she hears “will 20 razors be enough to control my leg hair for that long though”, or “how long will 4 jars of peanut butter last me?” one more time. The one thing I have completely sorted […]

Raising a glass to some of the women who inspire me.

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If you’re lucky, there’ll be some kick-ass gals in your life that make you want to do more, be more (and hang out with them more). I’m hashtag blessed to have a shit ton of the kind of awe inspiring, strong women around me that make me want to be a little more like them. Amy, the […]

Phubbing? Nah, i’m just enjoying now.

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We’re the generation that adults tut at for spending too much time on our phones. Don’t let anyone take away from you the uniqueness of now.