Bali best bits: Eggs, monkeys and waterfalls.

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All I knew about Bali before I went was that my friend Hannah looked great in a bikini there and if you drink the water you’ll lose control of your bodily functions and boff everywhere. The first is true, the second not so much. Here’s my best bits of mental Seminyak and the ever so […]

I want to do everything I want. And that’s okay.

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I absolutely love life. I think the world’s amazing. Like, what the fuck? We’re little bits of meat running around on a big rock floating the sky. Come on! That’s enough for me. That’s magic!

CHECKING IN: Tropical Paradise in Ubud

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For the same price as a night in a Holiday Inn in Brixton you can spy on monkeys from your jungle balcony and enjoy a sunset dinner on an island in the middle of a cliff side pool. Welcome to Ubud. When we first arrived at Kupa Kupa Barong we were ushered up into an […]

Live your life by cut-to moments.

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“Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans” – John Lennon You know how when you spend so much time with someone you don’t necessarily notice changes in them? When something happens gradually- a rising tide, a year floating on by like a cool breeze or a layer of Fake Tan fading so […]