2016: Lessons learned this year

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2016 has been a complete shocker. If it was a school kid it would have dropped it’s lunch tray, shit itself and then knocked itself out on a passing girls boobs.

We say it every year, but the collective “we” really have had the worst of all the years in all the land.

So, being the irritatingly positive person I am, I though i’d look back with the naive sheen of retrospect and look at some of the good, hearty, simple lessons I learned in 2016. Have a little think yourself.

– Starting is the most important thing. Whatever you want to do, starting is the hard part. Just start, and you’ll be okay.
– However much I don’t want to admit it, doing something active before breakfast is the best way to start the day. GOD DAMNIT.
– Social Media is deceptive. It trivialises everything. Be careful what you believe. but REMEMBER you don’t have to share everything you believe.
– Money comes and goes, time just goes.
– Fear is temporary. If you’re scared of it, do it.
– Be good to animals. They need you.
– A person who isn’t good to animals, isn’t a great person.
– Get moving. Every day. Even if it’s just a walk. Nothing makes you think clearer.
– You’ll never be as young as you are now. Appreciate your body.
– You can’t change people. Surround yourself with people who make you feel loved.
– Do special things for the people you love for no reason. Everyone loves a surprise, even if they say they don’t.
– Never underestimate the kindness of people. People are inherently good. Don’t be scared to ask them for help.

I’m the worst at New Years Resolutions, I just get stressed that I never keep them so for me, this is a more positive way of being better year upon year. Looking back, learning and going forward with a head full of positives.

Try it, and see.

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